KUUT SAUNA is a modular sauna manufacturing company.

We produce electric, steam, and wood-heated plug ‘n play saunas for the global market.

We manufacture fully assembled saunas which are safely stored in our warehouse. This means that the delivery and installation of a sauna is fast and hassle-free.

Select a KUUT SAUNA that suits you

The Estonian company KUUT SAUNA offers electric, steam, and wood-heated saunas within its product range. All saunas are manufactured in Estonia to be transported and held directly at the warehouse, making immediate delivery possible.

Buy yourself a terrific KUUT SAUNA

Once you have selected a suitable sauna, contact us to discuss the purchasing process and delivery.

Plug & Play

Once the purchase process has been completed, you can go ahead and stick some beers or soft drinks in the fridge because a KUUT sauna will be in your backyard in a few days. Plug ‘n play and enjoy your sauna!


KUUT SAUNA manufactures electric, steam, and wood-fired saunas equally. Additionally, we regularly prepare tailored solutions and manufacture customised saunas.

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